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Penta’s multifunctional Move-IT cart PC making medical computer applications mobile
Fully-fledged mobile medical PC workplace
Puchheim, Germany, May 29, 2007 -
Penta launches the Move-IT cart PC, the unique design of a multifunctional mobile PC workplace for the medical fieldThe Penta Move-IT cart PC can be customized for countless medical applications: as a PC for ECG, CT, or radiology; a central patient monitoring PC with a UPS at the hospital bedside; a mobile OR PC with documentation functions; a mobile, wireless station PC for ward rounds and care documentation or for the physician in private practice with several examination and treatment rooms. The Penta Move-IT cart PC makes the computer, which is now a permanent feature of everyday medical care, into a convenient companion, drastically increasing the time available at the point of care. At the same time it optimizes the use of the hospital and practice IT by improving information acquisition, documentation, billing and real-time archiving of all relevant data.
The Penta Move-IT cart PC moves easily on rollers and is nearly as sturdy as a solid hospital bed.The height of the stable cart can be adjusted electrically to adapt it easily for any size person and any working situation.Competing solutions can hardly compare: unlike conventional notebooks on trolleys or handheld Tablet PCs, the Penta Move-IT cart PC is theft-proof, designed for long-term operation independent of the power outlet and is clearly more ergonomic; it is equipped with all the relevant medical interfaces, such as card readers and infusion pump interfaces and, thanks to a completely closed and fanless PC housing, it is also suitable for the OR.Serial production for the mobile station computer design and a version for the keyhole surgery with high-resolution monitor is planned for the second half of the year. Customized configurations will be implemented on request.
The technology in detail
The EN60601-1 and EN60601-1-2 compliant Penta Move-IT cart PC is equipped with a 68 Ah battery pack with intelligent charge management and a super fast integrated computer with a performance-scaled processor module based on the COM Express standard. Furthermore, the system offers all the state-of-the-(medical)-art PC interfaces. Security access via fingerprint, card reader, USB 2.0, Bluetooth; galvanically separated serial interfaces; communication via gigabit or wireless LAN, SATA and PEG to name just a few. The size, quality and number of monitors can be tailored so that the right combination can implemented for every application. With storage capacities into the terabyte range (1 million megabytes) and rapid internal data processing via multi-core technology and PCI Express, even the most demanding medical imaging applications are possible for the Penta Move-IT cart PC.
PENTA GmbH, with its headquarters in Puchheim and branches in Berlin, Deggendorf, Düsseldorf-Haan, Stuttgart and Eschenbach (Switzerland) and numerous foreign sales representative offices and agencies, is the leading producer of fanless PC systems for medical technology, industry (metal, chemicals,…) and logistics. The company was founded in 1995 and has among its customers Schiller, Image Device, Imaging Services, Stoss Medica and Invitec as well as numerous hospitals and medical centers. Outside medical technology, PENTA systems are in use at MAN, VW, Nordex, Continental, Perrot, Magna-Decoma and Johnson Controls.

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